Beyond Christendom: Globalization, African Migration and the Transformation of the West

Jehu Hanciles undertakes a rigorous study of migrating Africans and their effects on globalization.

Education Book

A Better Country: Embracing the Refugees in Our Midst

This study helps US Christians think theologically and practically about the global refugee...

Refugees Website

ACMI Global Networking Site

A website serving as a global network and catalyst for those who minister to and with international...

P3 N2 Students Website


Online platform for ISM connections, especially for int'l students and scholars in transition.

Students Website

Refugee Public Affiliate Directory 2015

2015 Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration Office of Admissions Refugee...

N2 Refugees Partnership Document Non-Technical

Diaspora Missiology: When the Mission Field Comes to Us

A public lecture given at Laidlaw College by Dr. Terry Casino on diaspora missiology.

Education Video

UN International Organization on Migration

IOM works to help ensure the orderly and humane management of migration, to promote international...


ACMI ISM Resource Center

International Student Ministry resources from Assoc. of Christians Ministering Among Internationals.

Students Website

What Drives Human Migration?

Hein de Haas (Univ. of Amsterdam Professor of Sociology) reflects on the reasons behind migration....

L3 P3 Mapping Website Non-Technical Migration

The International Church for a Global World

An article about the growth of International Churches and their role in reaching diaspora peoples.

Acculturation Partnership Visioncasting Document Mission BY and BEYOND Non-Technical

Diaspora Missiology

From Enoch Wan and Michael Pocock comes their newest book in understanding diaspora...

Book Mission TO Mission THROUGH Mission BY and BEYOND Mission WITH Foundational Organizational Change M.East

Global Diaspora Network

GDN equips & mobilizes the church for the missional opportunities presented by the global...


Global Diasporas

Robin Cohen introduces the concept and contemporary diasporic condition in this second edition


Global Diasporas and Mission

Chandler Im and Amos Young discuss the recent history and trends of the global diaspora and...


Global Gates

Movement to make a “global impact through urban gateways” within the urban core of our major...


How Africa is changing faith around the World

In this article from Trend Magazine (web-based publication from Pew) Philip Jenkins explores the faith...


Immigrant Neighbors Among Us

Carroll & Sanchez offer intriguing perspectives on immigration according to theological...


In Through the Back Door: Reaching the Majority World in North America

JD Payne reflects on reaching majority world diaspora peoples in North America.


International Media Services

Media resources in vernacular and/or minority languages in a culturally appropriate form.


Reaching International Students

Lisa Chinn provides an overview and introduction to reaching international students.


Rapid Rise of Global Migration

In this article from Trend Magazine (online publication of Pew), Michael Dimock seeks to identify major...


Political Spiritualities: The Pentecostal Revolution in Nigeria

The rapid growth and expansion of the pentecostal movement in Nigeria is explored by Ruth Marshall.


NextMove Overview

John Baxter explains NextMove's goal to help mission agencies create solutions for diaspora...


New Neighbour Bible

Information and links to Bible resources in the languages of the people arriving in our countries.


Near Frontiers

Partners with different churches to stimulate intercultural unity & gospel transformation.


Mission of God

6 part podcast series developed by Devon Griffin centred on exploring God's heart for people...


Mission and the Palestinian Diaspora

Andrew Bush discusses how the least can learn from the least when working in the Middle East. Missions...

Mobilization Document Mission TO Mission THROUGH Technical Contextualization M.East

Mission America Coalition

The Mission America Coalition is a network of Christian leaders who are here to mobilize the...


Ministry and the Law

In this article from EFCA Today's website, Bill Kynes addresses the issue of immigration in relation to...


Migration Policy Institute

Nonprofit think tank in Washington, DC dedicated to analysis of the movement of people worldwide.


Migration is Not a Problem to be Solved; It’s a Reality to be Managed

This article from the United Nations Regional Information Centre website reflects on the present realities...


Migration and Mission

Dr. Daniel Carroll from Colorado Christian University presents Biblical foundations on new...


Let's Keep Collaborating: A Report on Ethnê in India

The Global Community of Mission Information Workers' recent bulletin on work amongst ethne in...


Lausanne' Global Diaspora Forum 2015 - Debrief

In this article on The Lausanne Movement's website, Dr. Sadiri Joy Tira shares his insight and experience...


Lausanne Global Classroom: Diaspora

A 10-part video series on diaspora, produced by the Lausanne Movement's Global Classroom.


Korean Diaspora and Mission

Wonsuk Ma and Hun Kim elaborate on the "Missio Dei" in relations to Korean missions in diaspora.


International Students: A Strategic Component of Diaspora Missions and the Great Commission

Leiton Chinn describes the strategic role of international students in the Great Commission.


International Students Inc. Website

A ministry training Americans to meet international students' needs and to share Christ's...


Reaching Internationals

Resources for gospel movements among Japanese, ME, South Asian, and Chinese international students.


Reaching the Nations Among Us

A coalition of ministries and individuals committed to reaching the nations among us in the USA.


The Seoul Declaration on Diaspora Missiology

The Lausanne Movement's Declaration on Diaspora Missiology from their 2009 Gathering in Seoul.

Education Document Foundational Non-Technical

The Peoples Next Door

This website offers tools and resources to discover and engage UPG peoples in your community in a friendly...


The Next Christendom

A revised study by Philip Jenkins on the coming of global Christianity.


The Global Church Project

A website with resources and consulting to connect the local church with with global church.


The Future of World Religions

Pew-Templeton have undertaken a creative world religions work - the Global Religious Futures...


The Future Church: How Ten Trends are Revolutionizing the Catholic Church

John Allen Jr. recounts the ten trends that are changing Catholism in these modern times.


The Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals (ACMI)

The ACMI serves those who are active in ministry among international students and scholars.


The African Christian Diaspora

Afe Adogame discusses the emerging trends and currents surrounding the African diaspora in the...


Strangers Next Door

J.D. Payne introduces the discussion of immigration, migration & missions in the context of...


Social Media Ministry Made Easy

Mobile Ministry Forum shares this easy approach to social media ministry.

Training Document Non-Technical

Seeking Refuge: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis

3 World Relief staff members offer this work on the global refugee crisis.


Scattered to Gather: Embracing the Global Trend of Diaspora

The Lausanne Team comes together to tackle the issue of the diaspora movement.


RJC Network

Reaching Japanese for Christ is a diaspora ministry closely associated with Converge Worldwide


Refugees in the Bible Ebook

This free ebook retells 6 biblical refugee stories then offers parallel contemporary stories.


Reflecting God's Glory Together

Scott Moreau and Beth Snodderly, President of WCIU, discuss the far-reaching effects of the...


REACT Services

REACT Services assists organizations, businesses, and churches in collaboration with refugees


Working with Immigrant-Origin Clients

In light of the recent immigration issues,this report addresses how we can work with immigrants.

P3 Training Acculturation Document

Understanding and Embracing Intercultural Unity

The Ethnic America Network (EAN) outlines their position on intercultural unity in this paper.

O1 Acculturation Document Non-Technical

Towards Contextualization from Within: Some Tools and Culture Themes

Dr. Melba Padilla Maggay develops a theology of contextualization and then applies this process of...

Document Technical Contextualization

Towards a Prophetic Response to Global Financial Idolatry

Paul Tyson presents his paper on Global financial idolatry in the context of diaspora and its...

Document Technical Globalization

Become a "welcomer" for the unreached people groups who have moved to the US.


The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

The story of a Hmong child, her two doctors & the collision of two cultures written by Anne...


Why People Move: A Prolegomenon to Diaspora Missiology

Terry Casino writes an essential and succinct yet sweeping overview of diaspora missiology. After...

Education Research Visioncasting Document Foundational Technical

Western Agency, Meet the Diaspora

Dr. John Baxter's interview with IJFM about Western missions agencies' role in diaspora missions.

L1 L2 O1 O2 Visioncasting Document Foundational Non-Technical Organizational Change

Tradecraft: For the Church on Mission

This book describes how to utilize the tools of missional living to live missionally at home.

P3 Training Book Mission TO CPM/DMM Non-Technical

The New People Next Door

The Lausanne Team tackles the scope and breadth of diaspora missiology in this broad introduction....

L3 Training Education Partnership Visioncasting Mobilization Document Mission TO Mission THROUGH Foundational Non-Technical

The Mission Field Coming to Our Campuses

In this article from the Lausanne Movement's website, ISM expert Leiton Chinn on the relevance of...

Students Visioncasting Returnees Document Mission TO Mission THROUGH Non-Technical

South Asian Christian Diaspora

Jacobsen & Raj discuss the implications of the South Asian Diaspora in a Christian context.

Acculturation Document Mission THROUGH Mission BY and BEYOND Technical South Asian

Mission By and Beyond the Diaspora

In this journal article, Rev. Stan Downes argues that there is great potential in mission by and...

L2 Education Visioncasting Document Mission BY and BEYOND Foundational Technical

Omega Challenge

A system designed to assist churches, sending agencies, and local practitioner

communities in...

Document Website

Diaspora Ministry in Acts

Dr. Larry Caldwell shares his thoughts on the Apostle Paul's teaching and how it can guide us today.

Education Document

Capetown Commitment Diaspora Bibliography

Diaspora-related bibliographic resources for the Capetown Commitment.

L1 Education Document

Crossing the Divide: A Case Study of a Western Mission Agency’s Encounter with Diaspora Missions

John Baxter shares principles learned as a US-based agency sends an immigrant family into missions.

P1 O1 Education Document

Diaspora Peoples From Their Perspective

Paul Dzubinski of EMRG explains ways diaspora peoples see themselves, and who may best reach them.

P3 Acculturation Document

Ending Statelessness

This article from the UNHCR website addresses what is to be done when people on the move are denied...

Refugees Website

Ethnographic Research in Diaspora

Dr. Larry Stucky uses San Francisco as a target area to show how research helps reach diaspora

GCS GDI ADI Document

Fruitful Practices in Ministry to the North American Muslim Diaspora

The results of a Fruitful Practice Research study in ministry to Muslims in North America

Training Document N.America Muslim

Immigrants in the USA

The U.S. is undergoing dramatic demographic shifts. How will the US church respond?


3 Models of Acculturation

Dr. David Dunaetz explains 3 models of how members of a culture are influenced by those of...

P3 Training Acculturation Education Document

Implications on the Meaning of Ethne

Using exegetical insight into the original meaning of "ethne", Jim Haney & Luis Bush focus on...

L2 Document

Digital Theology: Practicing Local Theology in an Age of Global Technology

Rei Lemuel Crizaldo explains how to use digital technology to incorporate theology practically.

P3 Document

Evangelical Immigration Table

The Evangelical Immigration Table is a broad coalition of evangelical organizations and leaders advocating...

L3 Website

Wrinkling Time in the Missionary Task

A Theological Review of Church Planting Movements Methodology. In this essay, Dr. Massy critiques the CPM...

Research Document CPM/DMM

A Course Correction in Missions: Rethinking the Two-Percent Threshold

In this journal article, Robin Hadaway reviews the history of how missiologigists have tracked unreached...

Mapping Document Technical