Beyond Christendom: Globalization, African Migration and the Transformation of the West

Jehu Hanciles undertakes a rigorous study of migrating Africans and their effects on globalization.

Education Book

Diaspora Missiology

From Enoch Wan and Michael Pocock comes their newest book in understanding diaspora...

Book Mission TO Mission THROUGH Mission BY and BEYOND Mission WITH Foundational Organizational Change M.East

Global Diasporas

Robin Cohen introduces the concept and contemporary diasporic condition in this second edition


Global Diasporas and Mission

Chandler Im and Amos Young discuss the recent history and trends of the global diaspora and...


Immigrant Neighbors Among Us

Carroll & Sanchez offer intriguing perspectives on immigration according to theological...


Political Spiritualities: The Pentecostal Revolution in Nigeria

The rapid growth and expansion of the pentecostal movement in Nigeria is explored by Ruth Marshall.


Korean Diaspora and Mission

Wonsuk Ma and Hun Kim elaborate on the "Missio Dei" in relations to Korean missions in diaspora.


The Next Christendom

A revised study by Philip Jenkins on the coming of global Christianity.


The Future Church: How Ten Trends are Revolutionizing the Catholic Church

John Allen Jr. recounts the ten trends that are changing Catholism in these modern times.


The African Christian Diaspora

Afe Adogame discusses the emerging trends and currents surrounding the African diaspora in the...


Strangers Next Door

J.D. Payne introduces the discussion of immigration, migration & missions in the context of...


Seeking Refuge: On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis

3 World Relief staff members offer this work on the global refugee crisis.


Scattered to Gather: Embracing the Global Trend of Diaspora

The Lausanne Team comes together to tackle the issue of the diaspora movement.


Refugees in the Bible Ebook

This free ebook retells 6 biblical refugee stories then offers parallel contemporary stories.


Reflecting God's Glory Together

Scott Moreau and Beth Snodderly, President of WCIU, discuss the far-reaching effects of the...


The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

The story of a Hmong child, her two doctors & the collision of two cultures written by Anne...


Tradecraft: For the Church on Mission

This book describes how to utilize the tools of missional living to live missionally at home.

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