Evangelical Immigration Table

The Evangelical Immigration Table is a broad coalition of evangelical organizations and leaders advocating...

L3 Website

A Better Country: Embracing the Refugees in Our Midst

This study helps US Christians think theologically and practically about the global refugee...

Refugees Website

ACMI Global Networking Site

A website serving as a global network and catalyst for those who minister to and with international...

P3 N2 Students Website


Online platform for ISM connections, especially for int'l students and scholars in transition.

Students Website

Ending Statelessness

This article from the UNHCR website addresses what is to be done when people on the move are denied...

Refugees Website

UN International Organization on Migration

IOM works to help ensure the orderly and humane management of migration, to promote international...


ACMI ISM Resource Center

International Student Ministry resources from Assoc. of Christians Ministering Among Internationals.

Students Website

What Drives Human Migration?

Hein de Haas (Univ. of Amsterdam Professor of Sociology) reflects on the reasons behind migration....

L3 P3 Mapping Website Non-Technical Migration

Global Diaspora Network

GDN equips & mobilizes the church for the missional opportunities presented by the global...


Global Gates

Movement to make a “global impact through urban gateways” within the urban core of our major...


How Africa is changing faith around the World

In this article from Trend Magazine (web-based publication from Pew) Philip Jenkins explores the faith...


International Media Services

Media resources in vernacular and/or minority languages in a culturally appropriate form.


Rapid Rise of Global Migration

In this article from Trend Magazine (online publication of Pew), Michael Dimock seeks to identify major...


New Neighbour Bible

Information and links to Bible resources in the languages of the people arriving in our countries.


Near Frontiers

Partners with different churches to stimulate intercultural unity & gospel transformation.


Mission America Coalition

The Mission America Coalition is a network of Christian leaders who are here to mobilize the...


Ministry and the Law

In this article from EFCA Today's website, Bill Kynes addresses the issue of immigration in relation to...


Migration Policy Institute

Nonprofit think tank in Washington, DC dedicated to analysis of the movement of people worldwide.


Migration is Not a Problem to be Solved; It’s a Reality to be Managed

This article from the United Nations Regional Information Centre website reflects on the present realities...


Lausanne' Global Diaspora Forum 2015 - Debrief

In this article on The Lausanne Movement's website, Dr. Sadiri Joy Tira shares his insight and experience...


International Students Inc. Website

A ministry training Americans to meet international students' needs and to share Christ's...


Reaching Internationals

Resources for gospel movements among Japanese, ME, South Asian, and Chinese international students.


Reaching the Nations Among Us

A coalition of ministries and individuals committed to reaching the nations among us in the USA.


The Peoples Next Door

This website offers tools and resources to discover and engage UPG peoples in your community in a friendly...


The Global Church Project

A website with resources and consulting to connect the local church with with global church.


The Future of World Religions

Pew-Templeton have undertaken a creative world religions work - the Global Religious Futures...


The Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals (ACMI)

The ACMI serves those who are active in ministry among international students and scholars.


RJC Network

Reaching Japanese for Christ is a diaspora ministry closely associated with Converge Worldwide


REACT Services

REACT Services assists organizations, businesses, and churches in collaboration with refugees



Become a "welcomer" for the unreached people groups who have moved to the US.


Omega Challenge

A system designed to assist churches, sending agencies, and local practitioner

communities in...

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