Start Here

This is what NextMove would like to offer you...

We’ve got a carefully categorized repository of resources, designed to help you adopt diaspora ministries into organizational culture. We have coaches standing by to plan and set goals with your organizational representative(s). We’ll focus our work together in the NextMove Dashboard to communicate and chart progress.

This is what we need from you to do it...

We’ll ask you to fill out two short assessments that will identify your organizational profile and your current developmental stages for integrating diaspora ministry. The assessment results will help us to match you with the coach that resonates best with your particular organization, and simultaneously reveal a starting place to begin the discussion.

This is how it will work...

Start by creating an account. Once you have created an account, you will be able to access the two assessments from your account dashboard. As you complete each assessment, you’ll receive an email report, and be able to read further explanatory materials. Your dashboard will also reflect what’s been discovered. When both assessments have been completed, you’ll be paired with a coach who has experience that will best match your needs. Your coach will contact you to schedule a first meeting to discuss your results and help you begin to formulate a plan of action using your shared dashboard as a tool to chart your goals and progress.

Step 2

Organization Assessment

Step 3

Development Chart Assessment