The NextMove Pathway Guidance Process

NextMove Pathway Guidance

An executive consulting solution that curates and applies the best diaspora research to the unique needs of your organization or ministry.Ā 

ResearchĀ Topics include:

Consulting Process

NextMove consulting does not operate primarily at the philosophical level or the practitioner level but rather at the level of organizational systems and structures.Ā 

Through a series of organizationalĀ assessments and interviews weĀ help agency leadership think through how the specific culture and architecture of their organization affects their engagement with diaspora peoples.

OrganizationalĀ Assessments Include:

Consulting Outcomes

The primary deliverable of the consulting process is a comprehensive executive report prepared by NextMove leadership.

This report includes personalized results from the three organizational assessments and specific recommendations designed to help agency leadership to fulfill their specific goals for diaspora engagement.

Agencies who go through this consulting process will:

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