NextMove is a collaborative network of missions leaders and the organizations that they represent.

The missions leaders in our network are often what we call the “diaspora champion” in their respective organizations. They are usually tasked with understanding the global realities of migration and leading the diaspora mission efforts of their organization. Most of these “diaspora champions” have practical ministry experience but they are not primarily diaspora field workers. Similarly, many have missiology training but they are not primarily academics. Rather, they tend to operate in a position of organizational leadership where they are responsible for overseeing or catalysing diaspora field ministry as well as providing their diaspora-related expertise and influence to the executive leadership of their organization.

Level of NextMove Partnership

  • NextMove Partners who have the desire and capacity to meet regularly with other NextMove leaders.
  • Take responsibility to work on, or oversee, the development of the NextMove network or a specific project in which Nextmove is engaged.
  • Individuals trained by NextMove to help mission agencies work through the Pathway Guidance Process. For NextMove agency partners these will most likely be the agency champion.
  • Consultant expectations include participation in training for the Pathway Guidance Process, having the margin to take an agency through the process over a six to twelve month time frame, and the willingness to contribute to the ongoing refinement of the process with NextMove leadership.
  • Endorsed by NextMove to provide specialized consultation to other organizations in their area of expertise.
  • Individuals appointed by mission agency leadership to be part of the NextMove peer learning community.
  • The core constituency of NextMove who have a voice in the direction of the ministry.
  • Invited to participate in any gathering of NextMove.
  • Invited to sponsor and//or participate in NextMove Huddles.
    Invited to help produce diaspora missions materials for NextMove, Missio Nexus, William Carey Pub., and other venues in which NextMove has influence.
  • Agency Champion expectations include ongoing communication with NextMove leadership, participation in the peer learning community through interactions such as huddles, a willingness to contribute to projects when applicable, and an openness for ongoing discussions and evaluations of the champion’s agency in order to improve diaspora engagement.
  • The extended network of contacts who are known and trusted by NextMove partners.
  • Each partner holds the “keys” to their personal and organizational trusted broker network and shares their contacts with other NextMove partners on a case-by-case basis.

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