PCA MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministry Director and AIM are hosting a NextMove Huddle on the challenges of raising support to do diaspora ministry within your home country.  Many workers have difficulty raising support for diaspora work or see their support decline if they come back from overseas work.  There are a variety of reasons for this and we would like to discuss what these are and see if we can generate some creative ideas to increase support for diaspora work. 

Potential questions/topics that will be discussed:

1. Are those of us now doing diaspora missions within our home countries legitimately missionaries in the Great Commission definition, or are we “local outreach evangelists?”  And why does it matter how we are perceived and presented to donors?

2. What is working – or not working – in presenting our vision for diaspora missions to past, current and potential donors? 

3.  When we raise support for work that is reaching diaspora UPGs locally, does that make potential donors uncomfortable? If so, what reasons have they articulated, or have you surmised?  Are they afraid that we’ll expect more than a monetary commitment?  And should we?

4. In what ways can we encourage the Body of Christ to broaden their understanding of what constitutes missions to include reaching UPGs WHEREVER they may be?  And what part might Perspectives classes play in that?

Topic: Raising Support For Diaspora Ministry Within Your “Home” Country
Time: Sep 29, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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